Monday, June 13, 2011

OH "MR. AGENT GUY", you're a sly little devil aren't you?

When I decided that I wanted to be involved in the profession of Athlete Management, I researched a lot of sports agents. I like many Americans believed these guys where good honest guys trying to make a living. You seen them on TV, read about them in the papers and magazines, and get the idea in your mind that they are helpful, open, professionals that would love to help a guy out. I WAS WRONG…

The background of how I got started in the agent business is a story I will save for a later blog, or my article in some Sports Publication. But the first paragraph was written just to let you know how na├»ve I was about sports agents, and how my views changed. While there are some agents that are friendly, helpful, full of integrity and overall good genuine people out there, you probably never heard of some of these guys. But take a list of the NFLPA infractions list and I guarantee that most of the agents you all hold in such high regard are on the list. The others well… let's just say they are extremely good at not being caught. 

So since the NFLPA decertified I have been involved with a couple of altercations with some agents, and also learned of a few tactics some agents have been using to get clients. I try to stay under the radar on some situations, but the attitude and audacity that some of these agents out here, makes me have to stop sometimes and just ask, "Are you serious?" I can do nothing but laugh at them, point blank; I work too hard to have some shady, conniving, snake in the grass individual that calls himself an agent try and take something from me without a fight, or at least a loud altercation. Below are just some examples of some issues that I have dealt with over the last few weeks.

 #1: A client called me and said that an "agent" keeps calling him saying he had some endorsement opportunities for him. And during the lockout he has already secured guaranteed endorsements for my client. First of all, why would another agent work for a client that isn't his? So, I told my guy tell the agent to send over one contract proving he had these endorsements for proof. The response, you have to sign with me first, and then I'll get you the deals. So he just lied right there, I thought he already had them. Oh, and I should mention that this agent was once suspended by the NFLPA. How would you have handled it? Me, I called the guy and confronted him, called him out, he had the nerve to tell me I was being unprofessional. I didn't call him because he called my guy once, but over 5 times in a week. My guy told him repeatedly, "If you have something, just call my agent", or course the guy never did.

 #2: An agent called one of my players who is an UDFA and said, "I have my guy a guaranteed deal once the lockout is over, does your agent have you a deal?" To which my player responded no. The agent then went on to tell the player that I wasn't doing my job, if I was I would have already promised him to a team and you wouldn't be worried about where he was going to play. Sounds good right? I don't think so. We do not know what's going to happen with the CBA. Who's going to be a RFA or UFA. Which players and at what position the teams are going to sign during Free Agency. So if you tell teams your mind is made up and they go out and get other players at your position, then where does that leave you? I like the option of three teams that my guy has, puts him in the better position to make a team. Or that's what I think, maybe I'm wrong.

#3:  I get a call from an established so called big time agent who heard that I may be recruiting a player that he is recruiting as well. He politely told me who he was, then sternly suggested that I step I act like a fat kid in a dodge ball game, and just get out. I really am not the type that likes confrontation, (contrary to rumor), so I politely laughed, which made him upset. And I told him while I appreciate his phone call, I was honored that he thought enough of me to be considered a threat, yet while he was checking with people to get my phone number, he should have asked about me. And I'm sure they would have told him, I don't back down, I am just as good, and I be damn if I let any MAN, especially another agent scare me. So to him, and any other agent who thinks they can intimidate me, #KICKROCKS , and have a nice day.

#4: This is a funny one. Some Agents have goons! Yes, they have people who work for them as runners or whatever who try to intimidate people. Okay, go ahead and laugh. How do I know, because a player told me. He said a guy rolled up on him and said he didn't appreciate the way he dissed the "goons" boss, by not talking to the agent. What is this world coming too.

#5: A very attractive female, has been talking to a player that I know. A lot of agents have hit this guy up, but this young lady was a release from football. She lives in New York, the player down south. Yet she calls and texts every day. She had made plans to fly down to see him, and needless to say the guy was ecstatic. Until the girl told him that she works as a pr person for an agent, and the agent was coming with her, and before they go out, he has to talk to the agents first….. Do I even need to go on about this? Again, I laughed. The company, I never heard of, and the girl turned out was a waitress at Olive Garden. But hey, it's a good way to get in there. Oh and if you're shocked, don't be, happens all the time.

Well that's all I have today, I could go on and on, but these are just some of the things I have dealt with first hand. The rest would have to go in a book, not a blog. But I will leave you with some more notes.

-          The new North Carolina 100, 000 dollar agent law is STUPID, STUPID, and STUPID. If from what I read is true, this is truly a very bad idea, and will make the already hectic situation at the schools even worse. This is by far one of the not so bright ideas that any state has come up with.   

-          The Lockout sucks… that is all…

-          An agent BUYING players, both currently in the NFL, and those rookies who were drafted is taking advantage of the situation. Yet I do not care to hear the "media" always talking about how great they are. If the former agent is fired because he wasn't doing his job, or is never available, then ok. But by becoming an ATM machine just to take advantage of a guys situation, just isn't cool.

Okay I'm sure that last post will probably get me in some trouble. But to each their own. Until next time. Peace

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