Sunday, April 17, 2011

Allow me to reintroduce myself

For those that do not know me, my name is Greg "Tripp" Linton.  A former intern, scout, talent evaluator, and now NFLPA CERTIFIED agent with HOF Player Representatives. If you are reading this post, you probably follow me on twitter, and have somewhat of an understanding of who I am. If you don't, then buckle up and enjoy the ride. And again, WELCOME to my world.
We have less than 11 days until the 2011 NFL DRAFT. And due to the current state of the business that is the NFL (CBA), this should be one of the most unpredictable and entertaining drafts that I can remember. This is around the time when a lot of wrong information will fill the internet and find its way into every fans mock draft, and assessment of a prospect. Believe what you want and be careful of the things you decide to soak in. The thing that has me kind of hot right now are some of the people who write these reports. I understand they are just doing their job, and I respect a few, and I am friends with even more. But there are some things that I do not like that a lot of them do. And while agents should not be worried about this, a lot of us do read what is said, and do get upset about some of the comments.  
 If you have not seen a prospect, don't judge the player. I never understood how someone can judge a player that they have never even seen, whether it's good or bad. I would rather them say I haven't seen them. (Which a lot do and I commend them for this) Second hand information is also a bad source. Most agents are very involved with their clients, and will give you any information you made need, if you just ask. By being a former player, scout, and evaluator, I tend to know a lot about not only my clients, but many others as well.
Just for a background. Last season, I had a player that 12 "Draft Experts" (ones I polled) said was a late round prospect, and I should be happy if he was drafted in the sixth round. And that he would be nothing more than a spot player in the defense.  There were two however who said they could see the player going fourth round, and that he had some skill. Well the player ended up drafted in the third round. But still because of what was written was dogged and there were players available that were light years better. All this player did was go on to be a starter for a team that finished 13-3.
The point is, there are many reasons why players are hyped, and reasons why some or not. I can't tell you what to believe and what not to believe, all I can say is do your homework and remember, A good college player, doesn't always mean a good NFL player.
Until Tomorrow… Be Easy World… May You not only be blessed, but a blessing to others as well.

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