Monday, April 25, 2011

Adam "Don't call me Abe" Froman

When I first started this blog, I agreed I would not use it to promote my players, but rather just provide some insight from this side of the fence in this topsy turvy world of athletes, agents, scouts, draft experts, and teams. However, recently there has been a lot of buzz around one of my clients, (both good and bad), QB Adam Froman.
Before a groin injury sidelined him the last 5 games, Adam was doing a good job running the University of Louisville's run first offense. To the average fan, Adam was just that, average. But to those who really knew football, and have the insight and ability to analyze film, Adam was a legit prospect. I spoke to one scout this weekend who told me, "Adam could be a guy in a couple of years who people will say, How did he go so late in the draft, or not even drafted". He doesn't have the fan fare among most draftniks and fans that a lot of other prospects have. But when you break down his film and stats, you can see he clearly stacks up and deserves the buzz he is receiving. Contributing to this buzz, are some of the most respected people in the draftnik world including, Dave Razzano, Wes Bunting, Rob Rang, Matt Waldman, Joseph Healy, and most recently Doug Farrar, and Chad Reuter. Not a bad list to be associated with.

His football intelligence is off the charts. And has the ability to understand defenses, and game time situations. In JUCO, Adam passed for almost 4,000 yards, 40 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions. Against any competition, that is impressive, and you don't get a 4 to 1 td to int ratio by being a dumb quarterback.

Even still, it wasn't until Froman showed off all his tools at Louisville's pro day that teams started to check back in with him. He displayed a better-than-average arm while completing 33 of 35 passes with 1 drop, Including a beautiful 50 yard in the air throw that landed over the shoulder in stride of the wide receiver. In addition to his arm, there was his athleticism. He ran the 40-yard dash in an official low time of 4.54 seconds, an L cone time of 6.80, and running the short shuttle in 4.16 seconds. Impressive numbers for a guy who is a legit 6'4" and 220 pounds.

Lets see how he matches up with some other quarterbacks this year:

Froman - 6'4" 220 lbs, 4.55 40 yd dash, 4.16 pro agility, 6.80 L cone
Locker – 6'3" 231 lbs, 4.50 40 yd dash, 4.12 pro agility, 6.77 L cone
Ponder – 6'2" 229 lbs, 4.63 40 yd dash, 4.09 pro agility, 6.85 L cone
Johnson - 6'5" 245 lbs, 4.75 40 yd dash
Van Camp - 6'6" 222 lbs, 4.83 40 yd dash, 4.18 pro agility, 6.87 L cone
Weber - 6'3" 221 lbs, 4.75 40 yd dash, 4.45 pro agility, 7.37 L cone
Mustain - 6'2" 200 lbs, 4.75 40 yrd dash

The impressive part is, and I've said this plenty of times, those that knock a quarter back  for measurable statistics, should consider why they are doing it, or if it is even valid. Don't say a guy is inaccurate yet is similar to a guy that you are praising. Now I am not saying Adam is a first round quarterback, but he does match up well against 2 potential first rounders as well as some late round prospects. (*denotes 7 games started)

 *ADAM FROMAN – Louisville – 136.5 efficiency, 60.6 comp %, 11 td and 4 int. (2.75 – 1)
Jake Locker –            Washington – 124.2 efficiency, 55.4 comp.%, 17 td - 9 int. (1.88 – 1)
Christian Ponder -     Florida State-  135.7 efficiency, 61.5 comp %, 20 td – 8 int (2.5 – 1)
*Jarrod Johnson -        Texas A&M - 125.5 efficiency, 56.6 comp.%, 14 td - 9 int (1.55 – 1)
Jeff Van Camp  -       FAU -             128   efficiency, 57.3 comp %, 17 td - 13 int (1.3 – 1)
Adam Weber -           Minnesota -    129.9 efficiency, 55.7 comp %, 20 td - 9 int, (2.22 – 1)
Mitch Mustain -         USC - 98.0 efficiency, 56.2 comp %,  1 td , 1 int

When evaluating guys, it's easy to have a tendency to look down upon guys that you do not have that much information on. But with a little research, you can compare and contrast guys side by side. Then when you look on film, rather than look for what guys can't do, start looking at what they can do, and go from there. No one in the draft is a finished product, everyone can use a little coaching, a good scout/evaluator looks at not only what a guy is, but what he can be as well. And if that's the case, there just may be something to all this Adam Froman Hype…

Check out his YouTube Highlights

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